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Mature Ebony Dominatrix with Dungeon facilities in Central London


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My name is Mari Wilson, I am your Dominatrix and you are my slave and you will never be anything more than that to me.

I am a mature ebony dominatrix in London with a need for slaves to worship me. In return I will give you the domination & humiliation you deserve.

When you are with me you will be controlled, humiliated, flogged & abused but most of all you will be satisfied.

Satisfied that you are with a woman that knows how you deserve to be treated. Like a dog.

I can be a mean mistress with a passion for the whip and other instruments I will use on you. This is not about sex, sex has no part in our relationship. You are my slave and I command you. You will do as I say and do whatever I want.

My dungeon is fully equipped with the tools of my trade and you will find it and me fully capable of dominating you like you have not experienced before.

New slaves are especially welcome to come and worship me. I can be “gentle” if you have not visited a Dominatrix before and I will slowly increase your endurance on each visit as your desire for more increases.

For those of you who are used to the services of a Dominatrix do not expect me to go soft with you at any time, my pleasure is seeing you suffer and your pleasure is seeing me happy. You are here to serve.

If you have stumbled across my website by accident turn back now.

If you choose to continue be prepared to kneel down and worship me forever. Once you are my slave you will always be my slave.

Your choice?

“My purpose in life is pleasure, your purpose in life is to serve me.
You are my slave to do with as I like"

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